My favorite layout program of all time! Primarily used for design and layout of large and small documents, promotional materials and creative brochures.

InDesign Workshops

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Customized Lunch and Learn

 Want to plan a team event?  How about  an extended lunch where your team/group can gather together to exchange tips and learn new tricks with software... let's talk it over & make plans... 

InDesign Overview

This course will cover the essential topics to get you started using the program and increasing the level of confidence of using the various features to create a simple single page document.

InDesign Introduction

This course will include the overview contents as well a more in-depth approach at creating multiple page documents. With a project-based learning exercises - the learner will participate in mini hands-on exercises to enhance the learning experience and have the confidence to build a multiple page document.

InDesign Book Building

Using Adobe InDesign to build tables is pretty simple - but when editing a multitude of them at once is required; such as in a large product catalogue - the built-in table features can accelerate the process. This workshop will cover the in depth features around tables. 

InDesign for advertising

 If you create multiple ads for a variety of mediums and publications - then the built-in features for alternate layouts can be a great addition to your existing skill set.