A very fun application to teach - the go-to program for advertising, signage, web graphics,logo and icon designs. A premier drawing program that's fun to learn!

Illustrator Workshops

Logo Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator Overview

You've never used a drawing program before! and need to simply edit content. Then this overview course will suffice. Learn simple editing techniques and familiarize yourself with the user interface to increase your confidence in using the program. 

Illustrator Creative Tools

Have you ever wondered what all those tools in illustrator are for? this fun overview of the tools panel will dive deep into what they all do - and how to combine the effects of over 32 tools and features. 

Editing Site Plans

I developed this workshop from custom training I did for different real estate companies who needed to edit site and floor plans in PDF formats by adding and changing text and tracing contents. Learners will participate in mini exercises to achieve the skills required to edit floor plans. 

Posters and advertising

With my background in marketing communications, I'll pass along some helpful design techniques along with more focus on using the necessary text and graphic features along with the layers panel, to create simple yet effective communications.