Accessible document training

I have been developing and delivering accessibility workshops since 2010.

My workshops deliver the latest up-to-date information and I am constantly monitoring and updating my skills to provide a simple yet comprehensive course. 

Teaching Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite for over 20 years - gives me an advantage of fully understanding the workflow of creating accessible content and making compliant PDF/UA, WCAG 2.1 accessible documents. 

Workshops and Webinar topics

Accessible InDesign Content

This course is designed to address how to create an Accessible PDF document using Adobe InDesign. A review of how layout and design principles and practices effect the construction of a document intended for accessibility. 

Accessible Word Content

This hands-on workshop is designed to clearly explain how to create an accessible document using Microsoft Word. It will demonstrate converting documents to PDF format and examine the required structure for assistive technologies. 

Accessible PDF documents

Using only Acrobat and a Non-accessible PDF you will learn how to make the content more accessible, and use accessibility checkers to verify it meets PDF/UA requirements.

Accessible Content Overview

This live 1 hour webinar will give you a well-rounded understanding of how documents can be made accessible. Participants will learn about the background and theory of accessibility, how accessibility effects document creation, and what changes in your organization’s current workflow and process are required.  

Accessible PDF/UA Checkers

This 1 hour webinar will review the most commonly used accessibility checkers currently available to individuals creating accessible PDF documents. During this webinar we will review the following checkers: Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat Professional and the online PDF Accessibility Checker (PAC 3.0). 

InDesign and Word Webinars

Over a series of days both these topics are available in Webinar format.

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Accessibility Ontario is a training and development organization that helps businesses understand and comply with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (2005). Together we have helped thousands of non-profit, large and small organizations successfully meet, and exceed, their AODA requirements.