Head shot of Barbara Moody

My Approach

Perhaps you want training that not only answers HOW but the WHY and this is what my training is about. I have done software training all around Southern Ontario for over 15 years and I have had students come as far away as Sault Ste. Marie, P.E.I, Bermuda, East Africa, and India. 

I help people reach their objectives, make the learning stimulating and fun and I follow through with the shortcuts, time-saving tips and tricks of this forever-evolving technology.

If you are looking for a software trainer/consultant who is:

• flexible and fun

• knowledgeable and personable

• up-to-date and in the know

• comprehensive and engaging with participants

Then let me show you  WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW! 


With a certificate in both Adult Education and Graphic Design and a past career in both retail and corporate design and communications, I'd like to share my experience with you... 

People Working with People

  •  You are working directly with me the "trainer" - not front office booking staff 
  • At the end of the day when I walk away - I want everyone to be confident of what they know and  eager to jump into action! 
  • I don't mind doing support calls, but I'd prefer to be sure everyone is comfortable and confident before I leave. 

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